The creative tension of experimentation and rigor. New programs planned with discipline and new methods for established programs. Cost conscious test-driven project development. Managing evolution and revolution.

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Metrics based on logic models. Nonprofit "business intelligence" driven by your programs, not technology. Acquiring, displaying, communicating, and applying the right numbers. A commitment to evidence.

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.” — Bertrand Russell

An accurate and deep intuitive understanding. Disciplined thinking and shared understanding. Theories of Change and Logic Models. Rigorous, testable project plans. Toward the learning organization.

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Whole systems thinking. Leveraging networks, both inside and outside the organization. Respecting barriers and managing change. Testing models. Decisions based on evidence. The right information to the right people at the right time. Think big, start small.

"It's easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date." — Roger von Oech

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Online Seminars

We offer live as well as on-demand seminars online. If there is a live session coming up, we will advertise it on this page, as well as on the home page of this site, and also announce it on Nonprofit News. The list of available on-demand seminars listed under the “Available Now” tab on this page. You can sign up for these seminars any time.

All of our seminars are intended for busy nonprofit staff who don’t have the time to travel to a workshop, but who want to learn to apply strategic communication lessons to their work. Our packages tend to be tightly focused on a particular professional field and our seminars deliver lessons that can be immediately applied within a particular professional’s field of authority. These live, online seminars are designed to teach immediate practical lessons, while still remaining grounded in clear principles.


Technical Requirements

You are responsible for making sure that you can meet these requirements before you register to attend one of our online seminars. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you might have.

For Live Online Seminars:

Seminar sessions are broadcast to you via Quicktime, and you can send in questions during the session via AOL Instant Messenger.
For this you will need:

For On-Demand Online Seminars:

  • You will need everything mentioned above, except for the AIM account and application.
  • In addition you will need: A PDF viewer. (If you use a Mac you will already have Preview. If you are on a PC you will need the free Adobe Reader.)

If you’re having trouble, check the Technical Help page. If none
of the suggestions there help you, please Contact Us for help.

Content & Faculty

You will need to see the description page for the particular seminar you are interested in for this information. If you don’t have that web page handy, try the full topic list, or the list of the available on-demand seminars down the right side of this page.

Location & Price


Live online seminars presented by The Gilbert Center are open registration seminars, which means that anyone who can meet the technical requirements can attend. They are delivered online. (You can also hire us to present private seminars for your organization, or any group you put together. Read more about our Training Packages here.)


There is a base registration fee for each seminar, which covers the first student. The exact price depends on the seminar (length and complexity). There is a small fee for each additional student watching at the same computer, and at the same time, with the first. You will find the exact pricing on the registration form, which will be linked to from the seminars description page when we are currently accepting registrations for it. If you don’t have a link handy for the seminar, you can try the full topic list.

Date & Time

Date, time, and registration link will be listed on the seminar’s main webpage once we start accepting registrations for a live event. It will also be listed in a special note at the top of this page, once announced.

On-Demand Option: If you would like to attend a live seminar in our calendar, but our schedule doesn’t work for you, then you can now request the “On-Demand” option. What this means is that we will schedule time for you to watch the recording of the seminar when it is most convenient for you, within a couple weeks after the live session. Additionally, all of the seminars listed down the right side of this page are available to be watched on-demand any time that works best for you.

Additional Option

One on One Consultations with Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert has a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations move the ideas he has taught in a seminar from concept to implementation during one-on-one consultations afterwards. He will answer any questions you have regarding the seminar materials, of course, but more importantly, you’ll have access to the discipline and focus that comes from his 20+ years of experience. He can help you develop a plan and get it started. One call or many, it all depends on how much help you need in your particular situation. Each call is 30 minutes in length and should be scheduled within two weeks after the seminar. Also, you may have additional people join the call on your end, if you like.

Location & Timing: These sessions can be held over the phone, or online via Skype with audio and video. The timing is somewhat flexible, and should be scheduled with the instructor, within two weeks after the seminar.

Technical Requirements: This depends on how you decide to conduct the consultation. We will discuss this with you when we are scheduling it with you.

Pricing: The price for one-on-one consultations is discounted by more than 50% if you purchase it as part of a seminar package.

Length Regular Price Discounted Price
30 Mins     $125 $59
60 Mins     $250 $118
90 Mins     $375 $177

On Demand Seminars Available Anytime:

1. Beyond the Email Blast: Tapping the Full Power of Email Marketing

2. Building a Blog Network: Scaling Up Your Organizational Reach through the Voices of Your Community

3. Building Your Online List: A High Integrity Model for Reaching Large Numbers on the Internet

4. Course Corrections: A Mid-Career LifeWork Seminar

5. Delivering Online Seminars: A Sustainable Model for Engagement of Staff, Volunteers, and Donors

6. Email Newsletter Marketing

7. Email Newsletter Reinvention & Improvement

8. Facing Facebook: Achieving Meaningful Success in Online Social Networks

9. The Golden Goose: Building Trust Online with Donors, Activists, and the Media

10. How to Write a Book in One Year: The Keystrokes Book Plan Workshop

11. Integrated Program Evaluation: An Affordable Model for Better Metrics, Improvement, and Accountability

12. Less is More: Personal Empowerment in the Age of Information Overload

13. Light a Fire: Successful Social Marketing for Nonprofits

14. The Modern Nonprofit Web Site: Strategies, Patterns, and Tools

15. Money on the Table: The Financial Opportunity of Converting Your Stakeholders to Email

16. Nonprofit Blogging Strategies: Leveraging the Best of Old and New Channels

17. Nonprofit Knowledge Management

18. Nonprofit Technology Consulting Skills

19. Online Community Organizing

20. Online Fundraising: You’re Doing it Wrong!

21. Online Marketing Reinvention & Improvement

22. Organizational Restructuring in the Age of Networks

23. Practical Collaboration: Working Together in the Age of Networks and Perpetual Connectivity

24. Small is Beautiful: Using Twitter, Flickr, Microblogging, Links, and Other Microcontent for Engagement

25. Social Networking Strategies and Tactics

26. Visionary Budget Cutting: Enhancing Mission and Capacity in Hard Times

27. The Voice of Your Community: The Strategic Role of Stakeholder-Generated Content

28. The Voice of Your Organization: Making CEO Blogging Work for Everyone

29. Website Reinvention & Improvement

“On Demand” means that these seminars are available anytime that works best in your schedule. Also included is a 10-30* minute phone consultation with the instructor, so you can ask questions and get feedback on your particular situation.

* Depends on length of seminar.

Are you interested in hiring us to speak at your event, or privately to your staff or members, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are some options:

Contact us to schedule a call to discuss your training needs.
    Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will schedule a call with you to discuss your situation and the options we can offer.

You can also contact us to…

  • …see if we’re available on the day of your event (if it’s already scheduled).
  • …tell us more about your event, so we can discuss whether we would be a good fit. (What is the topic and who is your audience?)
  • …find out what a strategic survey might do for your event. Pre- and post-event surveys are often just opinion polls, but we can help you make them effective tools for supporting learning and change.

How You Can Assess Interest

  • Circulate our catalog to your staff or members to determine interest. If you’re not sure that our material will be of interest to your participants, try circulating our catalog to them and ask for feedback.
  • Include our topics in a poll of your potential event participants. Take this additional step past circulating the catalog, and poll them about our “Areas of Interest” or select some specific topics and/or seminar titles from our catalog.